Dubliners, we've got a good news for you ! Lush, the bees's knees of soap, organizes a competition just for you ! This is such a funny one, you will love it ! Go on this shop, ask for your Lush Face Mask, go back home and put it on ! After taking a selfie with your beautiful colored mask, post it on instagram with the hashtag #SELFIEpreserved and tag @lushdublin ! Indeed, the brand celebrate the launch of their instagram account, trust me, the winner will be so spoiled by a huge mystery box ! 

If you are in front of Lush, you should have a look inside it's so colourful and it smells so good ! 
One of my favorite Lush products : Lips Scrub that tastes & smells Popcorn 


116 Grafton Street, Dublin
But First lush me take a selfie !
I completely felt in love with this mask, it makes such a perfect and soft skin !

See you !

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  1. je ne connaissais pas trop cette marque. Merci de me le faire découvrir.